Member Spotlight: Wynwood 25

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The recent change in zoning codes for the City of Miami has allowed for the creation of new housing projects with lower building costs. In an effort to transition Wynwood from an industrial area to a vibrant, stand-alone neighborhood, Miami’s Related Group and New York’s East End Capital developed Wynwood 25, a 100 million dollar… Read more »

Member Spotlight: Starts Here Consulting

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  Flowing against the current might seem difficult when those surrounding us fall into the same statistics. James Garcia, a clinical social worker, proves us otherwise. He is an Ex-Marine who did not want to fall into the stigmas that surround retiring from the Navy and instead prevented them by getting help for himself. He… Read more »

Episode 1 – Learn, Act, and Build!

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Welcome to Episode 1 of The Big Idea Box Podcast featuring your hosts Tami, Rachael, Bryant, and Sebastian! In this episode, we discuss the following: The Big Idea Box cast and The LAB Team What is The LAB Miami? The story of Miami’s first co-working space What is The Big Idea Box podcast? Programming and… Read more »

Member Spotlight: WEBRIS

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WEBRIS is a digital marketing and design agency specializing in organic search marketing. We take a value based approach to marketing by creating content and promoting it through channels where your audience spends their time. Could you tell me a little about your background?  I did my Undergrad degree in Boston where I’m from, took… Read more »

LAB Member Spotlight Feat. Whiskey Films

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Whiskey Films is a production company that produces TV Commercials specifically for the US Hispanic market also known as the USH market. Three partners from the same industry founded the company in 2009. Currently they have seven offices in South America and the United States including at The LAB Miami. Whiskey Films mostly caters to… Read more »

Member Spotlight: Nathan Bekerman from WashMyWhip

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In today’s fast­paced world, we know that time is of the essence and convenience is key. We know that there are never enough hours in the day. Because of this, one company is tapping into a common chore that is both inconvenient and time-consuming. Wash My Whip is an app that allows users to get their car… Read more »

LAB Member Spotlight: Tatiana Peisach

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CPR – Cod, Pressed, Raw Tatiana Peisach’s juicing company CPR is based in Miami, arguably one of the worlds most health conscious cities. Her company name CPR stands for “Cold.Pressed.Raw” assuring that the consumers of her products are getting nothing but the healthiest drink possible. Tatiana’s message encompasses both self empowerment with a healthy lifestyle,… Read more »

Wynwood Artist brings Love to The LAB Miami

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Artist, Justin Anthony Hysell, originally from Germany, installed his work at The LAB Miami this week for display and for sale. Justin’s theme used throughout his artwork is “love”, as he believes it is the solution to any obstacle in life. Justin worked as a carpenter for most of his early career, but it wasn’t… Read more »