Member Spotlight: eForms

eForms.org is a website that provides a library of free printable forms and electronic forms (eForms) that are created after you answer some simple questions.
This week we sat and chatted with the company’s founder William Gendron about his startup, services & clients, and his vision for the company’s future and expansion.




Can you please tell me a bit about your background?

I was born and raised in Portland, ME. Moved to Florida the first time for college at the University of Tampa where I majored in finance. After school, I worked in commercial real estate for a few years until the financial crisis, which was pretty tough times. In hindsight, it was the best thing that could’ve happened to me. Without it, I would’ve never moved to NYC where I had an eight-year career working at a private affordable housing company. I learned so much there about business that I carry with me every day. It was a relatively small firm, but by being creative and thinking outside the box, we were able to compete with the major players and funds that were much better capitalized. Beyond all that I learned there, I am very proud of the work we did. In that time, we preserved the affordability of several thousand affordable housing units and did not take a single one out of the affordable housing stock.

Two of my brothers (I’m the oldest of five), who are SEM and internet marketing experts, are the original co-founders of eForms. For several years they specialized in the DIY-legal industry. They brought me on as their CEO last fall when the company was ready for customers. In that time we’ve grown the company to twenty-one full-time employees.

What is eForms? What does it offer?

eForms is a technology platform that has democratized access to legal templates in all fifty states. We provide legal forms and free legal information. We consider ourselves to be the “discount airline” of the DIY-legal space because we do not provide many of the services that our competitors build into the price of their subscriptions, which most of their customers do not use anyway.

What’s your pricing range?

Single document  $45

Monthly subscription for unlimited legal forms $15

Annual membership $120/year

Is it membership based? 

Most of our customers subscribe to a membership, but many do purchase individual legal forms without a commitment.

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Who are your clients usually?

The majority of our customers are in the real estate industry. That includes both full-time real estate professionals and “mom & pops” who own rental real estate as a secondary source of income. The next largest segment of customers is lawyers. Having such a large subset of subscribers practicing law was surprising to us but also very flattering. I think it says a lot about how easy our software is to use.

Are you considering expanding your services? 

Yes, we are currently working on an integrated digital signature solution with a full audit trail that can hold up in court. Included in the base price, we are increasing the value of our subscriptions and forms.  From there, we are offering an eNotary service to our customers located in the 26 states that recognize electronic notarizations. The goal is to eliminate the need for a printer.

How do you find talent in Miami? What are your biggest challenges?

Finding talent was a struggle at first, but I don’t know if the reason is Miami’s applicant pool or if it is because we are overly picky. After a few weeks of interviews through job boards, we lucked out with only one amazing hire. Then I posted a public status on Facebook asking my friends to share with their friends that we were hiring. It should have been my first move seeing as it led to four more fantastic hires.

The biggest challenge, which can also be a benefit depending on your frame of reference, is sorting through the massive amount of resumes. You can only gain so much insight on an applicant, so it’s necessary to allocate a significant chunk of time to phone interviews.

Why did you choose the LAB Miami? 

We chose the LAB for a few reasons. We were at WeWork South of Fifth in Miami Beach before, and we wanted to remain in coworking space. We love being part of a community and of course all of the conveniences. When I walked in for the first time, I knew within a minute of meeting Sebastian and seeing the space that this was going to be our next home. Of course, being located in the heart of Wynwood is incredible for obvious reasons. When we made it official that we were relocating, the team was counting down the days until the move.

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Interviewed by: Mohammad Ali Mazloum